Gather necessary details & reference images for your request to a platform that can share links (ie. Google Drive, Google Documents, etc.)! I understand this can be a time consuming process but this helps me ensure I know what you are looking for and if it's doable for me! (Even if I don't accept your request, it's so helpful for any other artist).

    Please find the Google Doc Commission Request Template with all the information I require for your commission, as well as sample requests for Emotes or Badges if you'd like to see what I am looking for in your request.


    Assuming my commissions are open, please send me either the link to your shareable document (ie. Google Documents) or all the commission details to Twitter or Discord (yukia#9458) with the information from the provided Google Doc Commission Request Template.


    Once I have reviewed your request, I may ask a few more questions before I decide to accept or decline your request. If I do decline your request, it is typically because I am not comfortable drawing your request, I am unable to due to the amount of work I have taken on, and I'm not sure if I will do a good job on it or if you appear to be difficult to work with.

    I apologize if I do decline your request, I'd love to accept a lot more people than I can in most cases ><

  • 4) PAYMENT

    Once I accept your request, there may be a waiting period before I start your commission. I will let you know about a week before when I plan to start on your request and when I will be sending your invoice through Paypal or Stripe in CAD.

    Feel free to ask if you would like to know when I will be starting your commission! I usually won't know for sure until the week before though. Please know if I have accepted your commission, I have it organized on Trello and I will not have forgotten yours! If I haven't contacted you, it is because I am still working on earlier projects before yours.

    Please be respectful of my time and other people's time. I kindly ask you to try to respond promptly, failure to respond or pay your invoice within 48 hours may result in the cancellation of your project.

  • 5) SKETCH

    Sketching will begin upon receiving your payment. Depending on the size of your project, this can take 1-3 days, I'll usually give you a rough estimation of when I will have your sketches for you to review.

    Once I have completed your sketches, they will be sent to you for approval before any line art or colouring. This will be the only time you can request changes with no additional charge (max 2 revisions with no extra charges).

    Please do not hesitate to tell me (politely!) if you'd like to change anything about the sketches and don't be afraid of offending me! I always do my best to do my best work for my clients and I want you to be happy with the service you are paying for.

    Once sketches have been approved, I will proceed to completing your project!


    I will reach out again once your drawings are complete. The only changes that can be made here with no additional charges will be colour changes. If there are any mistakes I made, I will fix them for no charge!

    Once the final drawing is approved, I will resize it to the respective sizes for you to upload to Twitch/YouTube/Discord (unless discussed otherwise) before sending them to your email.


    Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you are having issues with uploading to your preferred platform or if you have troubles with your credit section on Twitch!

    Credit is required for all my commissions as specified in my ToS. If you are unsure of how to create a hyperlink in your About section, please use the following format:

    [Link Title](URL)

    I will never hunt anyone down to credit me but this may prevent me from accepting future commission requests from them.

    Be respectful and please credit not only me but all the other artists/designers/etc. that have worked hard to make your channel beautiful!