Shop FAQs

Stream Shop FAQs

What happened to your Etsy shop?

Nothing! It is still up and running, if you feel more comfortable making a purchase through Etsy, feel free to visit my shop there.

I created this shop to reduce the amount of fees I was being charged from Etsy (also less fees for the customer!). My prices have increased on Etsy to accomodate for recent increase in fees. So shopping here is really beneficial for both you and me! I hope you will choose to support me more directly here! ♥

Could I request an item for your shop?

You are certainly welcome run it by me, but there are no guarantees I will create it. If I have enough requests for ideas and I am interested in making it, I will prioritize those first when making new items!

What are 'Badge Flairs'?

They are for your tier 2&3 subscribers on Twitch! It's just another design that overlays your existing badges. You get a default one provided by Twitch but it's just another means of personalizing your stream!

I often see people purchase these to use as sub badges because they are priced much cheaper, and the reason why it will not work well is because the flairs are meant to be much smaller than regular badges because they should be sitting over your existing badge and not to be used on its own.

Could I get (shop item) in a different color/variation?

I do offer recolors for items for about $6 CAD per recolor on top of the price of the badges originally and minor changes for $12 CAD! Please message me about this for exact pricing.

Please note because they are premade items I do not offer you the original size however, you will only be receiving the 72px, 36px, 18px as you would any of my premade items.

Could I purchase a smaller set than the premade set of 10?

Yes! Please reach out to me about this also! Pricing depends on which set/how many badges.

Could I get a badge resized for channel points/point redemption?

Yes! Please let me know, I charge just $3 CAD for resizes.

Merch Shop FAQs

How long will it take for my order to dispatch?

I typically package all items on the day I receive them and mail them out to be picked up the next day.

If your order was placed too late in the night in MST, I will likely push it to the next day. If you placed your order Thursday night or Friday, your order will not be picked up by the post office until Monday.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

Shipping times will vary, but in most cases, it’ll be delivered between 7-25+ business days (for US and Canada orders) and please allow for more time for international orders, due to Covid-19 or holiday seasons it can be longer, so I kindly ask you to please be patient!

What Shipping options are available?

All packages will be sent through Canada Post via standard or oversized letter mail (no tracking number will be available).

I hope you understand! This keeps my shipping cost low for you and I am able to send it out much quicker😊

Help, I think my package may have been lost!

Please ensure you have waited an appropriate amount of time before reaching out to me! Postal services have been quite hectic and slow since Covid-19.

For orders within North America, I recommend waiting 35+ business days before deeming it lost and for International Orders 45+ business days before deeming it lost.

If your package has still not arrived within the mentioned times. Please reach out to me, I will be happy to either send out a new package or refund you for your order 😊