H-hi there! I'm Yukia

I'm a full-time freelance digital artist from Canada. I primarily focus on art for live streaming. All the items from my shop tend to be inspired by things I personally enjoy, including some games and anime I am very fond of! I hope you will find something that suits you ♥

Thanks to the support from all you lovely people, I am able to branch into creating some Stationery and Merch! I hope you will check those out as well 😊

I do take custom requests on the occasion, please follow me on Twitter for updates on commission openings! Please be sure to review all my Pricing, ToS and How to Commission before sending a request.

My Logo is created by Haru
My shop & social media displays are made by the lovely Yinghua!

Meet Shiro

Shiro is a sakura kitsune and she is my little shop mascot! She enjoys bubble tea and being comfy, I think of her as my little pokemon 😊You'll mostly find Shiro featured in art with me or for my stationery shop! Each month, I include new freebie sticker designs featuring Shiro 🌸

See Yukia Stationery Collection