Politique d'expédition

Shipping Costs


 Destination 0g - 30g 31g - 50g

51g - 100g

Canada  $1.00 $1.35 $2.00
United States of America $1.35 $2.00 $3.25
International (Anywhere Else) $2.85 $4.05 $6.49

Physical Items (Wooden Pins, Keychains) via Canada Post Parcels

 Destination 0g - 500g 501g - 750g

751g - 1000g


$12.04+ $12.28+ $13.11+

 Destination 0g - 100g 101g - 250g

251g - 500g

501g - 1000g

United States of America $9.95+ $11.17+
$14.61+ $21.18+


 Destination 0g - 250g 251g - 500g

501g - 1000g

International (Anywhere Else)
$10.43+ $15.58+

All sticker packages will be sent through Canada Post via standard or oversized letter mail (no tracking number will be available).

Physical items such as keychains or pins will be sent through Canada Post via parcels. The exact cost will be determined by Shopify and it will be based on the weight of your purchase, the prices shown in the table is an estimate of the lowest available price (at the time of policy update). The option to add tracking is available for additional costs.

Order Processing

  • All orders are dispatched from Calgary, Canada.
  • Sticker orders are processed the day order is placed usually. I will ship out orders placed before nighttime in MST and they will be picked up by Canada Post the following business day.
  • If your order was placed late at night, your order will be picked up 2 days later. Packages are only picked up on business days, if you placed an order later Thursday night, it would be picked up on Monday.
  • Orders will only be mailed out on business days.

  • Parcel orders will be mailed out on Fridays only! Please account for the extra processing time when placing your order.
  • Successfully placed orders will receive an email confirmation, please be sure to check your spam folder or feel free to reach out if you are unsure if your order was processed.
  • Please be sure to review your order carefully and double-check your provided shipping address is correct to prevent lost packages,
  • For any assistance with your order, feel free to contact me at shoyukia@gmail.com.

Estimated Delivery Times

Shipping times for stickers will vary, but in most cases, it’ll be delivered between 7-25+ business days (for US and Canada orders). Please allow for more time for international orders, due to Covid-19 or the holiday season it can be longer, so I kindly ask you to please be patient! I apologize for the longer delivery times, please keep in mind I am a small business and not Amazon 😭 I always process orders as quickly as I can but I cannot control postal services, unfortunately.

 Destination  Estimated Delivery Time
Canada  7- 25 days+
United States of America  7- 35 days+
International (Anywhere Else) 7- 45 days+

Please ensure you have waited an appropriate amount of time before reaching out to me! Postal services have been quite hectic and slow since Covid-19.

For orders within North America, I recommend waiting 35+ business days before deeming it lost and for International Orders 45+ business days before considering it lost.

If your package has still not arrived within the mentioned times. Please reach out to me, I will be happy to either send out a new package or refund you for your order 😊

For international orders on physical items such as pins or keychains, please include a phone number to include in your customs form.