Commissions Terms of Service

Please carefully review my TOS before requesting to commission me!

If you do not agree with the terms, I suggest finding another artist. By submitting a request, it means you are accepting my TOS.

How to Commission

    🌸 I work on commissions from Monday to Friday, excluding sick days and holidays.

    🌸 I only provide digital files (not printed art) in the sizes specified under commission pricing, unless specified by the client otherwise.

    🌸 Sketches will be sent to you for approval before any line art or colouring. This will be the only time you can request changes with no additional charge. Max 2 revisions with no additional charges. Once client has approved the sketch, only color changes can be made without additional fees.

    🌸 I reserve the right to increase the price if you request a high difficulty drawing.

    🌸 It is not my responsibility to ensure your emote idea adheres to Twitch’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, please look into it before your request.

    🌸 If you are looking to hire me as a regular emote artist for your channel or commission me outside of my commission openings, please be prepared to pay 2x my prices! I don't open commissions too often and it would be treated the same as a rush order to get work done by me outside of my commission times.

    🌸 I reserve the right to cancel your request at any time if I am having trouble drawing it, or if you have been proven difficult to work with in any way. A full refund will be provided if I decide to cancel.

    🌸 Do not request a certain art style from me. If you choose to commission me, it is because you like my style, and that is the style you should expect from the finished product.
    🌸 By submitting a request, it does not guarentee you will have a slot, I am only able to select a few slots per opening.

    🌸 Provided colour palettes may vary slightly to fit my art style. If you are strict on no changes from the selected palette, please specify.

    🌸 You will not request any PayPal chargeback.

    🌸 Due to the nature of this work, there will be no refunds available once I have started work on the sketch.

    🌸 By purchasing any of my services, you are accepting my Terms of Service.


    🌸 For personal use only. Artwork cannot be used commercially. This can be discussed, additional charges will apply. This would mean, you are not allowed to use the artwork for your profit (such as merchandise).

    🌸 Art may be purchased for commercial use for 2x the initial cost.

    🌸 I maintain the right to display my artwork on my social media. If you do not wish for me to share it, you may pay an additional fee of +25%.

    🌸 I tend to post work in progress photos to my Twitter, if you do not wish for me to share photos of your project before completion or if you are planning a debut at a later date, please notify me beforehand.

    🌸 Do not edit, copy or trace my work without my permission.

    🌸 My work is not to be resold or redistributed.

    🌸 I do not take responsibility for artwork rejected by Twitch or any other organization.

    🌸 Clients must give me proper credit as the artist by leaving a link to my Twitter (@shoyukia) when reposting my artwork. Please credit me when used on Twitch, Discord or anywhere else by leaving a link to my Twitter. Failure to provide proper credit will usually result in being blacklisted in the future.


    🌸 I only accept payment through PayPal or Stripe in CAD.

    🌸 I require payment in full before I begin working on your commission, no payment is required upon accepting your commission, only when I am about to start on yours.

    🌸 Do not send me any kind of payment unless I have accepted your commission, requested payment and sent an invoice through PayPal/Stripe.

    🌸 If you fail to send your payment within 48 hours of receiving your invoice, I have the right to cancel your commission.


    🌸 I will always try and complete your project ASAP, but please be patient with me. I will give you a rough ETA upon accepting your payment. The start date is determined by my current workload but I will usually reach out a few days to a week in advance to update you on the status of your commission.

    🌸 I will keep you up to date with the progress of your project and notify you if there are any delays.

    🌸 Rush orders are available upon request for 2x the initial cost (please discuss with me beforehand to make sure I can do it for you!)

    🌸 If you have been accepted, but fail to send your payment or respond promptly (48 hours), I have the right to cancel or move on to other commissions.


    Unfortuantely I am not talented enough to draw everything, I will still accept some commissions outside of the 'prefer to draw', but thwse are just my favorite things to draw and strengths (higher chances of me picking your request!) 😊


    ✨ Character fan arts from games or anime (I will always give preference to comms of League of Legends / Genshin Impact / Anime Characters / Games I like! ♥)

    ✨ Cute characters such as Pokemon, Animals etc.

    ✨ Original characters from the commissioner (must have references; I will not provide character design as a service)

    ✨ Female characters; I can draw male characters as well, but I think I am better at female characters!

    ✨ For Sub Badges, I can do -most- objects but they end up looking more cutesy, please keep that in mind! I like doing weapon, food art, or any cute matching themes a lot 😊

    ✨ For Emotes, I tend to prefer to do smaller batches! I usually spend about 4-5 hours per emote and find my best work in smaller batches.


    ✨ Furry

    ✨ NSFW

    ✨ Mecha/Robots

    ✨ Gore

    ✨ Muscular Characters

    ✨ Elderly characters