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How to Commission

The following are a brief guide on how to submit a request to commission me as well as what to expect during the process! Please ensure you've already reviewed and agreed to my Commissions Terms of Service before getting into how to commission me!


Gather necessary details & reference images for your request to a platform that can share links (ie. Google Drive, Google Documents, etc.)!

I understand this can be a time consuming process but this helps me understand if your request is within my abilities (Even if I don't accept your request, it's so helpful for any other artist). I recommend having this done before my commissions are open so you don't have to rush last minute to put everything together 👌

References can be from anyone but please keep in mind, they are only references and the end product will be my interpretation and drawn in my style, please do not expect me to recreate someone elses work 1:1. That being said, I tend to accept people who have references of all my work! 😊 (I know this is not always possible since I have not drawn every single pose)

Please find the Google Doc Commission Request Template with all the information I require for your commission, use of the template is optional but I think it does make things a lot easier for you personally!

Sample Requests



Assuming my commission status is open, please send me either the link to your shareable document (ie. Google Documents) or all the commission details to Twitter or Discord (sho.yukia) with the information from the provided Google Doc Commission Request Template. I do prefer your request to be in something like Google Docs so I can save the link to my trello and not have to scroll to find your request through a DM when I am working on your project.

If you are worried about missing a future opening, I will usually make an announcement of the date on Twitter, update my name, profile, carrd and website with the opening date! In general I've been looking to make openings about every 4 months at this point.

If you have questions, please ensure you've read everything I have provided before messaging me! I will not respond to questions that I know would be answered if you read my ToS 😅 Most common questions will be about pricing for their project, please message me prior to my opening times so you can have your request submitted during the opening! Opening day is usually quite hectic and I prefer to not have too many back and forths with people on the day of.

Please refrain from sending me requests outside of my opening times, to be fair to everyone, I will only be considering ones that were submitted in the mentioned opening times and  this is just a means of filtering requests as I won't be able to accept them all.


Once I have reviewed your request, I may ask a few more questions before I decide to accept or decline your request.

I will usually only be able to respond to the requests that I accepted and will notify everyone on Twitter when I have accepted all the requests.

If your request was not accepted, it is typically because I am not comfortable drawing your request, I am unable to accept more requests due to the amount of work I have taken on, I'm not sure if your request is within my abilities or if you appear to be difficult to work with.

I apologize if I am unable to accept your request, I'd love to accept a lot more people than I can in most cases and it's not for any reason other than I cannot handle the workload 😭 I appreciate you taking time out of your day to gather references, wait for my openings and submit a request!

If you were not accepted for a particular opening and you don't mind waiting, feel free to resubmit the same request in a future opening! I try to prioritize peoples requests I was unable to take in a past opening due to workload. I will usually let people know if their request was something I would not be able to do so they will not resubmit the same request in the future.


Congrats on getting accepted! I will usually schedule a rough start date for you and I will let you know a few days or a week before I will be sending out your invoice and start on your project the following week. I will keep you updated if there are any delays but that's usually quite rare! Your invoice will be sent through PayPal or Stripe in CAD and I do require payment upon starting. Please be respectful of my time and other people's time. I kindly ask you to try to respond promptly, failure to respond or pay your invoice within 48 hours may result in the cancellation of your project.

If you have any concerns about when I will be getting to your commission, please feel free to reach out to me! At this point in time, I have never had to delay anyones commission, the date I gave you will be pretty accurate and I will be first to reach out if there are delays. I have all my commissions organized so I will not have forgotten yours! If I haven't contacted you, it is because I am still working on earlier projects before yours.


Sketching will begin upon receiving your payment on the following weekday. Depending on the size of your project, this can take 1-3 days, I'll usually give you a rough estimation of when I will have your sketches completed to review when I start and notify you if there are any delays!

Once I have completed your sketches, they will be sent to you for approval before any line art or colouring. This will be the only time you can request changes with no additional charge (max 2 revisions with no extra charges), please review them carefully, it is much easier to make changes to sketches than once they are full rendered.

Please do not hesitate to politely tell me if you'd like to change anything about the sketches and don't be afraid of offending me! I always do my best to do my best work for my clients and I want you to be happy with the service you are paying for.

Once sketches have been approved, I will proceed to completing your project!



I will reach out again once your drawings are complete and again notify you if there are any delays. The only changes that can be made here with no additional charges will be colour changes. If there are any mistakes I made, they will be fixed free of charge of course! 

Once the final drawings are approved, I will resize it to the respective sizes for you to upload to Twitch/YouTube/Discord (unless discussed otherwise) before sending them to your email.

Your final file will include: Orignal drawing, resized versions (if applicable), watermarked versions and social media display. You are welcome to post the display to your social media whenever you'd like! I will usually also post it on my social media sometime (I have all my tweets scheduled so it may be down the road a bit!). If you'd like me to retweet yours, please tag me in either the original tweet or comments so I will see it!


Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you are having issues with uploading to your preferred platform or if you have troubles with your credit section on Twitch!

Credit is required for all my commissions as specified in my ToS. If you are unsure of how to create a hyperlink in your About section, please use the following format:

[Link Title](URL)


Will Appear As

I will never hunt anyone down to credit me but this may result in being blacklisted from future commissions.

Be respectful and please credit not only me but all the other artists/designers/etc. that have worked hard to make your channel beautiful!

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