A collection of the most commonly asked questions I get dm'd or asked on social media regarding my work or commissions, if there's something you're wondering, you can probably find it here!

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When are you opening commissions?

I recommend following me on Twitter for updates on when I plan on opening commissions! If there is no date, I am not sure myself when I plan to reopen!

Do you offer (insert commission type here)?

If it is not listed in my prices, I do not offer it as a service to clients. I like to experiment with art and graphics for myself but I don't feel comfortable offering it as a service to clients a lot of times ;-; I always try to do my best work for my clients and won't offer services I don't feel that I can guarentee the same quality!

Is there a waitlist available?

I do not offer a waitlist unfortunately, I prefer to take on projects in small openings to prevent burn out.

Are you available to be my regular emote artist?

If you are looking to hire me as a regular emote artist for your channel or commission me outside of my commission openings, please contact me to discuss this and be prepared to pay 2x my prices!

I don't open commissions too often and it would be treated the same as a rush order to get work done by me outside of my commission times.

Could I copy your site/graphics/emotes/etc.?

Please do not copy any of my site, graphics, logo, art etc! It has gotten to a point where I prefer people not even reference my art because it comes out so heavily referenced. I do not find it flattering at all instead I find it extremely disrespectful.

I spend a lot of time and have worked hard on all my work, it's very discouraging to see other artists just copy them as a shortcut to try and get ahead. If I do see anyone copying anything from me, they will 100% be blocked.

Tablet? Program? Canvas size? Tools?

I use the Huion Kamvas 16 (2021), I would recommend the 4K version but otherwise I love it!

I primarily use Clip Studio Paint for all my drawings/timelapses and Photoshop to resize my assets. For emotes, I usually use a 500px canvas!

I often get asked in my videos what tool I use, I typically use the curve tool in CSP for my lineart! I never really liked how the stablizier in CSP felt and got used to doing my lineart this way. I don't really think it's the most efficient but it's faster for me personally because the stablizer feels so crumby. I always go back and perfect the lines by hand evne after using the curve tool, there is no magic tool I use for lineart, I put a lot of effort into it to get it to look the way it does!

Can we be friends?

I would be happy to become friends naturally but please do not ask me this straight up! I find it disingenuous and would prefer to be friends because we vibed.