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League of Legends

League of Legends Star Guardian (Set 1) Water-Resistant 3" Vinyl Stickers

League of Legends Star Guardian (Set 1) Water-Resistant 3" Vinyl Stickers

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Vinyl laminated stickers of Star Guardian Ahri, Janna and Jinx from League of Legends!

Black outline version is the older version I used to make at my shop! The design is exactly the same but the outline is black instead of the colored version.

Product Details & Dimensions

🌸 Approximately 3 inches in height & width (~3 inches will be its widest point)
🌸 Laminated Vinyl Stickers
🌸 Colors may appear slightly different from the actual product due to different screens on monitors or devices!
🌸 All art is created by me! Please do not alter, resell, redistribute, or take credit for the artwork.

Recommended Use & Care

🌸 Recommended for surfaces such as phone or tablet covers, laptops, paper, notebooks, etc. These are water-resistant but I don't recommend long exposure to water or sunlight! Please apply to clean, untextured surfaces for the best long-lasting results.

What's included with every order

🌸 Your selected items
🌸 Thank you card
🌸 Two freebie stickers!
🌸 Eco-friendly, recyclable packaging (just remove the stickers)!
🌸 Packaged with love 😊❤️ I pack some orders on my Instagram and Tiktok, please let me know if you'd like me to film your package!

Shipping & Returns

🌸 All packages will be sent through Canada Post via standard or oversized letter mail (no tracking number will be available), I hope you understand! This keeps my shipping cost low for you.

🌸 Shipping times will vary, but in most cases, it’ll be delivered between 7-25 business days (for US and Canada orders) and please allow for more time for international orders, due to Covid-19 or holiday seasons it can be longer, so I kindly ask you to please be patient!

🌸 Please be sure double check your shipping address & all other info before completing your order, so your order won't be lost in the mail!

🌸 I mail out packages on business days, please allow for a couple days for your package to dispatch!

I do not accept returns, exchanges or cancellations! If you do have any problems, questions or would like some more info, feel free to contact me here or through Twitter!

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